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    Marking the rebirth of the brand, the formation of the Jensen Group is the start of the next chapter in the Jensen story, following the collapse of the car manufacturer in 2002. The Jensen Group is currently engaged on a project to launch the Interceptor 2 in 2016, which may involve collaboration with an established automotive group.

    This new model, classed as Interceptor the 2, will take design cues from the classic Interceptor and will advance the concept of the original grand tourer, to provide a thoroughly modern and exciting vehicle.

    Spearheaded by industry stalwart Tim Hearley, the return allows enthusiasts to purchase an officially sanctioned car, the Jensen GT.


    The Jensen Group licences, markets and uses the Jensen and Interceptor names for use within the automotive sector as well as other industries.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    How is this car related to the Jensen Interceptor announced in 2011?

    This car is not related to the vehicle commissioned by Healey Sports Cars Switzerland Ltd. and does not incorporate any of its design elements.

    Jensen Group successfully established its ownership of the Jensen and Interceptor brands in order to clear up any confusion over the future of the marque going forward.

    The Jensen Group is not affiliated with any other company which claims to own the rights to use the Jensen or Interceptor name.

    Are we the real home of Jensen?

    There are number of enthusiastic and talented companies working on the restoration of old Interceptors and we don't wish to detract from their work. However, we are not looking to restore or repair an old Jensens, and are concerned with building all new Jensen cars.

    For the Jensen GT we are working with Jensen International Automotive (JIA), the recognised leader in the modernisation of Interceptors. This will ensure that the GT is worthy of bearing the Jensen badge.

    Why are we different?

    It's taken a lot of time and resources to get this far, and we're under no illusion that reviving this great marque is not a straight-forward exercise. The legal battle for the Jensen name has taken almost four years, so you can see that we're committed to this project.

    The team behind this project is highly experienced and provides the skills required to see this through to conclusion. The Jensen Group is concerned with the return of the Jensen name and we are actively considering the options for new cars the future.




    Tim Hearley

    Graduating from Oxford in 1964, Tim started as an engineering consultant and over the years has been the Chairman and Non-Executive Director of a number of public and private companies engaged principally in engineering, stockbroking and corporate finance, house building, IT and the motor Industry. He is also a member of the Rector's Advisory Council for Lincoln College, Oxford.

    From 1981 through to 1984 his then company, CH Industrials Plc, became a 50% shareholder of Aston Martin Lagonda and he was appointed joint Chairman, alongside Victor Gauntlett, with the responsibility for manufacturing activities.

    More recently he has been a director and investor in a business specialising in the restoration of Jensen Interceptor cars. This led to the formation and family ownership of Jensen Cars Ltd in 2009, which subsequently established legal acquisition of the Jensen and Interceptor Trademarks.

    Tim’s passion and determination for the Jensen name is obvious and, along with an experienced and specialist team, is spearheading the re launch this powerful and well-loved brand.

    Phil Hearley

    Phil is a Project Manager with eighteen years sales experience in manufacturing. He has been involved with the project to re-launch Jensen from the start, and is passionate about the successful return of this iconic marque to the motor industry.

    Tim Stocks

    Tim is a partner in the Corporate Finance Group at Taylor Wessing, and advises substantial listed and quoted companies on corporate finance transactions (including new issues and M&A) and legal issues affecting corporate policy and strategy.

    His areas of specialisation include initial public offers, secondary issues, takeover offers and take-privates, as well as advising sponsors, investment banks and brokers. Tim works across a range of industry sectors including the technology sector, for which Taylor Wessing was recently awarded the accolade “Technology Law Firm of the Year.”

    Philip Learmont

    In 2009 Philip successfully sold the business he was running. Since then he has created an award winning new business within the legal sector and developed a UAV based surveying company. He brings 25 years of commercial industry experience to Jensen’s management team, developing a clear strategy for future growth.



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